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The Green Eight Pointed Cross

The Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem throughout the ages

Edited by Max Joseph Ellul

Published in 2004 by Watermelon Publications


Edited and published in 2004, this 142 page hardcover volume is the most recent publication on the Order of Saint Lazarus.  The direct and straightforward writing approach of the editor captures the history of the ages for the Order as well as a detailed account of the recent history of the Grand Priory of the Mediterranean.  The intent of the modern organization and its charitable work is also described in this interesting book.  Learn more about the Order and its future by ordering this volume.


Price: 30 Euros (price includes shipping & handling)



Saint Lazarus Ties

Price: 17 Euros (price includes shipping & handling)



Female mantle on left, male mantle on right


Saint Lazarus Mantles


Male Mantles 250 Euros (price excludes shipping & handling)

Female Mantles 320 Euros (price excludes shipping & handling)


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