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October 7th, 2006 Investiture

Saturday 7 th October 2006.

The 7 th Mediterranean Investiture of the Grand Priory.

Church: The Cathedral of Our Lady, Gozo , Malta.

Investiture Dinner: The Castle, Selmun.


The Procession | The Congregation | The Ceremony | The Postulants



[Currently viewing: The Postulants]

The Chancellor of the Grand Priory asking the Acting Secretary General if the postulants have been properly attended to before their admission into the Order.

The Chancellor asking the postulants a series of questions and pledges that the postulants have to agree to before the congregation.

Consoeur Anne de Borggraeve MLJ

Captain Sylvie Buret Tcheng MLJ

Confrere Olivier Gayon MLJ

Confrere Philippe Quedelin MLJ

Dr. Hubert Carrier de Boissy MLJ

Confrere Jacques Thiryon MLJ

Captain Alain Tcheng MLJ

Confrere Christian de Borggraeve MLJ

Confrere Mounir Bouanani MLJ

Dr. Jean Christophe le Gars MLJ

Confrere Michel Bouillerand CLJ



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