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Sunday November 13th, 2005.

The fifth Mediterranean Investiture.

Church: St. Andrews Scots Church, Valletta, Malta.

Investiture Luncheon: Rooftop Restaurant, Castille Hotel.


The Procession | The Congregation | The Ceremony| The Postulants


The Knighting Ceremony | Promotion of Members


Awards of the Companionate of Merit of the Order


The Investiture Luncheon


[Currently viewing: The Knighting Ceremony]


The November 2005 Investiture also included the beautiful Knighting Ceremony of Chevalier Thomas W. Nash KLJ, who was promoted and knighted from the rank of Commander of the Order to the rank of Knight of Justice of the Order.


The Knighting Officer was none other than the Master General himself, Fra John Baron von Hoff, ably assisted by Confrere Joe Seydel CLJ, the Commander of Westminster Commandery, England.








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