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Sunday November 13th, 2005.

The fifth Mediterranean Investiture.

Church: St. Andrews Scots Church, Valletta, Malta.

Investiture Luncheon: Rooftop Restaurant, Castille Hotel.


The Procession | The Congregation | The Ceremony| The Postulants


The Knighting Ceremony | Promotion of Members


Awards of the Companionate of Merit of the Order


The Investiture Luncheon


[Currently viewing: The Ceremony]


The Master General of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem,

Fra John von Hoff, declaring the investiture as a legitimate investiture as

approved by the Grand Council of the Order


Officers of the Grand Priory on the altar, including the Grand Prior, the

prelates, the Acting Marshal, Deputy Marshal and Secretary General of the

Grand Priory.


The Master General of the Order and his Aide de Camp, the Commander of

Westminster Commandery. The Chancellor of the Grand Priory of the

Mediterranean is seen with his Aide de Camp, Confrere Robert Vella CLJ. Also

featured is the Chancellor of the Grand Priory of England, Wales, Isle of

Man & Channel Islands.


The Chancellor, Dr. Massimo J Ellul KCLJ CMLJ, petitioning for the

postulants assembled.


The Grand Prior, Rt. Rvd. Mons. Anton Gauci ECLJ, delivering a much

appreciated lesson on the virtues of ecumenism and the progress of the Order

of Saint Lazarus.


The Secretary General, Chev. John Grima KLJ, asking the prelate to bless the

insignia of the Order.


Rt. Revd. Mons. Joe Vella Gauci SChLJ blessing the insignia of the Order

held by Consoeur Yvonne Hogan OLJ.


The Young Lazarites singing the hymns and anthems.


The Young Lazarites, led by Consoeur Isadora Debono MLJ.


The Chancellor informing the Congregation of the list of promotions to be

effected in this investitur


The Grand Prior offering the closing prayers after a successful investiture.


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