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Officers’ Meeting of the CSLI: February 2011


The Union Corps San Lazare International has been actively forming part of the United Grand Priories for an extensive number of years, now, with an impressive growth rate and Hospitaller work which is highly acknowledged by the Supreme Grand Priory.

The CSLI also has its own dedicated website which thoroughly projects the developments of this organisation and its events and ceremonies.

Due to its restructuring process, the CSLI convoked an officers’ meeting in February 2011 in order to unanimously approve all the necessary statutory provisions for such a restructuring exercise. The officers present again unanimously elected Senator Wolfgang Steinhardt as their President and Commander. Senator Steinhardt is also the CSLI representative within the Supreme Grand Priory of the United Grand Priories of the Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem.

By means of this page, all of us from the Order of Saint Lazarus would like to extend our greetings to all the active CSLI members and to thank them for their constant work in upholding the Lazarite banner worldwide.

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