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Investiture of the Grand Priory of Austria

Saturday 24th April 2010


In the April 2010 Investiture held by the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, the Grand Priory of Austria petitioned the Supreme Grand Priory the list of its Grand Officers, headed by Dame Martina M. Mitter DLJ as the first female Grand Prior of the Order, not only in Austria, but also as head of a jurisdiction under the United Grand Priories of the Order.

The Supreme Grand Priory formally accepted the Austrian list of Grand Officers, all of which are active members of the Corps San Lazare International. The deputation of Grand Officers from Austria included the following:

  1. Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt, President and Federal Commander in Chief CSLI
  2. Martina M.Mitter, Vice President CSLI
  3. Mr. Rupert Prohaska von Maines, Secretary General CSLI, Gen.CSLI
  4. Colonel ret. Adolf H.Neidhart, Treasurer CSLI, Gen.CSLI
  5. Mr. Erich Kadlec, Deputy Secretary General, Lt.Gen.CSLI
  6. Mr.Wolfgang Leithner, Deputy Treasurer, Lt.Gen.CSLI
  7. Mag.Hanns Gamlich, General Adjutant CSLI, Mjr.Gen.CSLI
  8. Mr.Jakob Hobiger, Adjutant to the Federal Commander in Chief, 1st Lt.CSLI

On behalf of the Supreme Grand Priory, we wish the Austrian Grand Priory even more work in their jurisdiction.



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