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Currently viewing: Postulants


Confrere Joseph Borda OLJ (La Vallette Commandery)


Confrere Joseph Bugelli OLJ (La Vallette Commandery)


Consoeur Alexandra Farrugia MLJ (La Vallette Commandery)


Confrere William Acton MLJ (Cotoner Commandery)


Consoeur Irene Acton MLJ (Cotoner Commandery)


Confrere Dr. Kamel Senhadji CLJ (De Rohan Commandery)


Confrere Anthony Morris OLJ (De Rohan Commandery)


Consoeur Lydia Buttigieg OLJ (De Rohan Commandery)


Confrere Joseph Lia MLJ (De Rohan Commandery)


Confrere Alexander Buttigieg MLJ (De Rohan Commandery)


Confrere Brian Falzon MLJ (De L’Isle-Adam Commandery)


Confrere Jennifer Micallef MLJ (De L’Isle-Adam Commandery)


Chevalier Barbaro Garraffo KLJ (Commandery of Catania)


Chevalier Guiseppe Garraffo KLJ (Commandery of Catania)


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