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Winning Tickets of the Malta National Lazarite Lottery (May 2011)


From October 2010 to May 2011, the Grand Priory of Malta and the Grand Priory of Gozo, by means of the Saint Lazarus Foundation, organised a national Lazarite lottery campaign in order to raise funds which would be used for the Order’s Hospitaller work. Members of the Order, corporate organisations, Scout Groups and Girl Guide Groups, and a number of volunteers, all joined in to effect as wide a distribution as possible of the National Lottery. Three magnificent prizes were also offered to the winning tickets of this lottery, which was registered and overseen by the Department of Public Lotto of the government of Malta.

In fact, on the investiture luncheon held at the Grand Hotel Excelsior in May, 2011, an official of the Department of Public Lotto was present in order to draw the winning three tickets of the national lottery. The contact numbers and addresses of the winning tickets were thus duly noted and the Saint Lazarus Foundation contacted the winning ticket holders in order to inform them of their being the beneficiaries of the three prizes drawn on the date in question.

A hearty thank you goes to all those who participated in this campaign whilst also thanking them in advance for again being available for this year’s national lottery campaign which will be launched in October 2011.


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