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Harmonious and mutually beneficial working relationship with the Imperial Order of Constantine the Great (July 2011)


The Imperial & Charitable Order of Constantine the Great & of Saint Helen is an Order of Knighthood, whose members are dedicated to the chivalric principles of personal honor, courage, integrity, duty, and service. The Order creates a forum for the worldwide community by recognizing worthy men and women of exceptional accomplishment with an invitation to membership, without regard to race, religion, or nationality. They promote the expansion of chivalric principles through fellowship with other knightly orders. Through the work of their members and through their guidance of young people, they provide a model of leadership and strength of spirit which advances civilization.

This chivalric organization has been working closely with the Grand Chancellery of the Supreme Grand Priories of the Order in order to assist in the consecration of the Grand Priory of the United States of America of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus. The Order of Constantine the Great is very active in the US and a number of its members are also members of our Order. It is envisaged that a number of joint Hospitaller projects will be announced in the near future wherein both our US team and the active Constantinian US team can together contribute to the greater good of the needy in this jurisdiction.

Furthermore, our organizations have also agreed to work closely together in Europe in order to facilitate the creation of joint events and activities in this continent as well.

In a document sent by the Count of Esson, Grand Chancellor of the Order of Constantine the Great to the Grand Chancellor of the United Grand Priories of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus, Massimo J Ellul, dated 20th April 2011, the former stated that ‘there is much good that can be accomplished by motivated leaders from all walks of life who subscribe to our worthy ideals.’ Senior officers of both chivalric organizations have been bestowed accolades by the same Orders in order to concretely project the unity in vision and synergy in Hospitaller operations that exist between our Orders.



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