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Union Corps San Lazare International launches its Lazarus Union Big Band (February 2012)

The Union CSLI, as a fully fledged international Lazarite organization forming part of the United Grand Priories of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, has, throughout its years of operation, been intensely sharp in underlining the talents of its members and utilizing the latter in order to create better Lazarite awareness.

It was specifically due to this scenario that the Lazarus Union Big Band was formed in order to create a seasoned group of experienced musicians within the Union CSLI. This unit would then be put into good effect during the many Hospitaller events, charitable activities and investitures that the Union CSLI organizes from time to time.

A truly wonderful idea encompassing Lazarite members who are wonderful musicians and who are keen in giving out their talents in order to assist in further Lazarite activities. A job well done!

Lazarus Bigband


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