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Union CSLI Public Oath of the Soldier Guards (August 2012)

At the invitation of the Military Command of Vienna, on the 22nd of August 2012, the following Lazarus Union officers attended this event:

Colonel I.R. Adolf H. Neidhart (Dean of Austrian Army Officers for Vienna and Executive Chairman of the Lazarus Union), Senator H.C. Wolfgang Steinhardt (President and Commander of the Lazarus Union), Colonel I.R. Reinhard Wassertheurer (Vice President and Chief of Staff of the Lazarus Union), Erich Kadlec (Secretary General of the Lazarus Union), Christoph Ptak (Secretary General and Deputy Adjutant General of the Lazarus Union), Gregor Holubek (1st Lt of the Lazarus Union and a member of the Honour Guard).

In real "emperor’s weather" an interested crowd had gathered on the Kaiserwiese in the Prater in the 2nd District of Vienna to witness the Swearing-in Ceremony for recruits to The Guard and The Theresian Military Academy.

After the squads had formed up and faced front, the National Anthem was played.

Some fine speeches were delivered by: the President of the Vienna Assembly, Prof. Harry Kopiez; the Military Commander of Vienna, Bgdr. Mag. Kurt Wagner and the District Chairman of the 2nd District of Vienna, Gerhard Kubik.

Also honoring this oath ceremony, by his participation as "senior officer present", was the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Austrian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Othmar Commenda.

The highlight of the event was the public oath taken by the soldiers to the Republic of Austria.

The Lower Austria Military Band then played for the march past in front of the Guests of Honour and for the march off of the assembled associations.

Traditionally, this Celebration is followed by an invitation from the Military Command of Vienna for the spectators to test the quality of Army rations. The verdict from the Lazarus Union was: It was one of the best goulashes we've ever eaten!


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