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Union CSLI 6th CSLI Disability Aviation Day (September 2012)


On the 6th of September, yet another hugely successful Aviation Day in aid of people with special needs was conducted by the Union CSLI in Stockerau, Austria.

Through the unbelievable precision and accurate logistics preparation done in advance, and the incredible energy of all the workmates, everything went smoothly and an unforgettably beautiful day had been prepared for our handicapped people. You could see this in the eyes of our guests when, full of pride, they told you of their (often first) flight experience.

Not only the flights themselves, but everything around them was one great experience. The Lazarus Union was able to motivate the following organizations, associations and institutions for joint collaboration:

The CSLI Air Wing, the Air Sports Club of Stockerau FSV 2000, the Vienna Aviators Group, the Band of the Lazarus Union, the Naval Comrades Society Vice Admiral Ferdinand Max, the Aerial Lazarus Air Corps (ALAC), AERIAL Helicopters, POWER FOODS with the Antonov AN-2, the Spillern Fire Brigade, the Vienna Disaster Relief Services, the Vienna Fire Youth, the club for Friends of Vehicle and Engineering History of Austria, the Koller Heldenberg Oldtimermuseum, the Harley Davidson Club, the Lower Austria Comrades Association-Urban Community of Mödling, soldiers of The Guards Regiment of the Austrian Army, the Austrian Humanitas Corps (AHC), the Saint Lazarus Grand Priory of Austria, the Brotherhood of the Archangel Michael, the PR plus advertising agency and many individual volunteer workers.

And all, without exception, were there "to give pleasure" for the participating guests. Participating guests were:

The Austrian Aid Society for the Blind and Partially Sighted, the Neunkirchen Children’s Clinic, Special Homes Stockerau, Vinzi RAST – homeless hostel, the ODILIEN Institute home community, CARITAS St. Polten, HABIT - the House of Mercy Community Integration Team, BALANCE - life without barriers home Boeckh, CARITAS residential home Horn, CARITAS Hollabrunn and many individual guests, some of which have become "regular guests" and "family".

A very special highlight for the day was provided by the premiere concert of the "Lazarus Union Big Band". Without this outstanding performance the whole day would have missed an indescribable, unique touch.
A very well done to the dedicated UCLI team for yet another excellent Hospitaller event.



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