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Union CSLI - A Visit to Vienna's Emergency Medical Services (October 2012)

A delegation of the LAZARUS UNION visited the operations center of Vienna's Emergency Medical Services on October 18th, 2012

The CSLI was invited by the head of Vienna's City Government Emergency Medical Services, Dr. Rainer Gottwald. It was a visit of mutual interest to get better known to each other and to learn more about each other's work. Interested participants were President Steinhardt and comrades Kadlec, Ptak, Gebel and Poppel, as well as comrade Hochmuth, and Anita and Prof. Hans Konig.

After a welcome Dr. Gottwald presented his organisation. The first emergency services were founded after the big fire at Vienna's Burgtheater (Imperial Court Theatre) in 1881. Vienna's Emergency Medical Services (MA 70, Rettungs und Krankenbeforderungsdienst der Stadt Wien") is an emergency organisation operating on a statutory basis given by Vienna's City Council. They operate the majority of all emergency vehicles inViennaand provide a disposal and operations centre. They co-operate with several private ambulance services like the Red Cross Austria, the Samaritan Emergency Services, and similar organisations like the Knights of Malta Ambulance, together forming the Vienna Emergency Cooperation. Part of the tasks is the emergency support platoon. It is designed for missions involving large numbers of accident victims, special accident patterns, increased demand in personnel and supplies, and also a much longer on-site mission duration compared to routine missions.

Vienna's Emergency Medical Services operate 12 bases inVienna, all of which are manned with paramedics and emergency doctors round the clock. About 800 paramedics and 80 doctors ensure 24/7 services. In 2011 a total of 256,886 missions were accomplished, 165,811 of those by MA70.Vienna’s Emergency Medical Services provide also high quality training for their own personnel as well as those from other organisations in anEmergencyServiceAcademy.

The operation centre is one of the most recent state-of-the-art facilities inEurope. It is reachable at the emergency number "144" 24 hours a day. The staff provides assistance to every caller and can support persons providing on-site first aid in all forms of medical emergencies. The average ambulance trip time to an emergency site is 12 minutes.

The vehicle fleet includes among others ambulances with and without emergency doctors. But their pride and joy is a mobile intensive care unit where even smaller surgical treatments are possible. This vehicle allows also professional transport of extremely heavy patients thus providing humane transportation for such persons.

Following this presentation President Steinhardt provided an overview on the Lazarus Union and presented a Lazarus Union standard-banner to Dr. Gottwald as a sign of friendship and comradeship. He presented our mission statement, our goals and tasks as well as our organization structure and gave examples from our work. Obviously the video from the Handicapped Air Day was most impressive to the comrades from the Vienna's Emergency Medical Services.

A relaxed get-together provided both sides the chance to better getting to know each other and to exchange personal experiences from our work. It was a fruitful evening which ended in various suggestions from both sides on how to mutually assist one another by means of various initiatives.


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