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Malta Grand Priory, Special Rescue Group and BASIC Society on Mother's and Father's Day (May-June 2012)

The 12th of May and June 23rd were indeed Mother's Day and Father's Day respectively and the Grand Priory of Malta, the Special Rescue Group Saint Lazarus Corps and BASIC Society teamed up forces, led by our members Chevalier David Zammit and Chevalier Anthony Zammit, in order to bring a smile on the faces of mothers and grandmothers and fathers and grandfathers who are presently residing at the Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital and Residence.

During these events, the members of the Special Rescue Group outdid themselves in this wonderful gesture of solidarity with the elderly and a sizeable amount of members and officers of the Group were physically present to bestow a number of presents on these days to the elderly residing in the said residence. The Saint Lazarus team, which also included the Chaplain of the Grand Priory of Malta, Fr. Mario Camilleri, met with the administration of the Saint Vincent de Paul Residence and visited the various halls of the hospital.

Yet another Hospitaller initiative in the community. Well done, boys and girls.





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