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Grand Priory of Russia publishes second Lazarus book in Russian (November 2012)

After the successful translation of the Book 'The Green Eight Pointed Cross', written by Massimo J Ellul and translated in the Russian Language by the Grand Priory of Russia, the Russian Grand Prior, Chevalier Vladimir Kirilovskhikh KCLJ CMLJ has now published a brand new monograph entitled 'The Hospitallers of the Order of Saint Lazarus'. The monograph gives known data in the form accessible to a reader who is interested in the Hospitallers' affairs that have undergone ordeals for many centuries and are now being continued.

In addition, it describes the activities of the Saint Lazarus Foundation for Patients with Severe Diseases that was established in Russia in 2012 and strives to receive support from those who share its compassionate service ideas for the welfare of the Fatherland in the traditions of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem.

This essential drive in publishing books related to the Order of Saint Lazarus is indeed essential in disseminating information about the Order in as many languages as possible. To date, books on the Order have been published in various languages, including English, Greek, German and Russian.



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