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Grand Priory of Russia publishes Russian Translation of History of the Order (July 2012)


July 2012 was indeed a very hectic month for the Russian Grand Priory in its bid to ensure that a proper history of the Order of Saint Lazarus would be available in the Russian language. A number of members of the Order, hailing from different countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Hungary and others, have been constantly suggesting to the Supreme Grand Priory the need of a suitable history of the Order printed in the Russian language for members and postulants who are not fluent in the English language.

The office of the Grand Chancellor had earlier sanctioned Chevalier Ayrat Akhmadeev KCLJ of the Grand Priory of Russia to translate into the Russian language the works of Massimo Ellul entitled 'The Green Eight Pointed Cross' which was published in the English language in 2004. Subsequently, after also waiting for an addendum to the publication based on Massimo Ellul’s second book on the Order 'The Sword and the Green Cross' which was published in the US in 2011, Confrere Akhmadeev finished this translating feat and had it published in the Russian language by Russian publishers Paravitta with the Russian title of 'The Green Eight Pointed Cross'.

Huge congratulations must be herein given to our Russian team for this initiative.

The book is available directly from the Russian Grand Priory or from the office of the Grand Chancellor at a price of Euros 25, including postage and shipping.


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