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Grand Priory of Malta: Thanksgiving Reception on Saint Lazarus Day (Dec 2010)

The Grand Priory of Malta from time to time organizes social events in order to give its members ample opportunities to interact and also as a means to thank the hard-working members of the Grand Priory in their annual Hospitaller duties.

On Saint Lazarus day which falls on the 17th of December, such an event was organized in the offices of the Grand Chancellery in Zebbug, Malta. During this event, money was also collected for the Saint Lazarus Foundation, which has, to date, donated some Euros 70,000 in aid and assistance to needy organizations on the island.

The reception was addressed by the Grand Chancellor of the Order, in his capacity as Chairman of the Saint Lazarus Foundation. An extensive description of the donations given throughout 2010 was presented to the officers and members present and afterwards, drinks and food was distributed in order to keep the meeting going albeit on an informal basis.

The Maltese Lazarite team has been busy projecting the Lazarite Banner for these past nine years now and one has to congratulate the constant energy and zeal that this team – together with their sister team in Gozo – always manages to muster.


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