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Grand Priory of Malta: Outreach Programme with various Local Councils (April 2011)

The Grand Priory of Malta, together with the Grand Priory of Gozo, have always worked closely with the Mayors and Local Councils which administer local political administration within the islands. In fact, an extensive amount of Mayors, Councillors and Executive Secretaries of these Local Councils are all very active Lazarite members of the Order.

Specifically due to this constant synergy between local government and the Order, the Grand Priory of Malta unveiled another free service to the community during the month of April 2011. By means of its dedicated members and specialized nurses, the Grand Priory of Malta reached out to an ever-increasing number of aged and elderly people who live alone in their residences and who, albeit not bedridden, have no family to assist and care for them.

Statistics have showed that this stratificational segment within the Maltese community is increasing on a yearly basis and thus the Grand Priory of Malta, by means of its Saint Lazarus Foundation, will be slowly spreading this service to an ever increasing amount of cities and villages throughout Malta and Gozo. The first community which received this service was city of Haz-Zebbug, led by the active Council of Zebbug and mayor Alfred Grixti, himself a Knight of Grace of the Order. In October 2011, the town of Tarxien, led by Mayor Paul Farrugia, and also a Knight of Grace of the Order, will also be receiving this service which is being undertaken on a voluntary and free-of-charge basis.


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