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Grand Priory of Malta: Donation to Malta Memorial District Nurses Association (May 2011)

During the months of October to April, the Grand Priory of Malta, together with the Grand Priory of Gozo, organizes a national Lazarite Lottery campaign so as to be able to use the funds generated to further their Hospitaller assistance on the islands. To date, more than Euros 70,000 worth of donations and assistance has been given on the islands of Malta and Gozo by the Grand Priories with an extensive list of recipients being the beneficiaries of such Hospitaller donations.

During the Joint May Investiture of the Grand Priories, the officers of the Grand Priory, in front of the Grand Officers of the Order and the distinguished guests present, invited a delegation from the Malta Memorial District Nurses Association to receive a motor vehicle donation which was then added to the pool of cars that these active nurses use around the islands in order to properly execute their mission of social nursing in the actual neighborhoods and within the residences of the patients themselves.

Speaking at the Investiture, the MMDNA head of Delegation thanked the Grand Priories for their constant Hospitaller work and assured the Confreres and Consoeurs that the much needed vehicle would be immediately put to good use. Again, hearty congratulations to the Maltese and Gozitan Lazarite team.

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