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Grand Priory of Hungary: First International Conference – Solidarity, Assistance and Responsibility (Feb 2011)

During the conference which took place in Siofok, on the southern shores of Lake Balaton in Hungary on February 25th and 26th, the Grand Priory of Hungary opted to put forward the names of its members who would form part of the joint Grand Priory – CSLI Hungary executive board responsible for such activities. They were elected unanimously by the members present and entitled to vote:

President                                               Prof. Béla Danielisz  
Vice-President                                        Zoltán Hossó
Vice - President and Special Tasks            Dr. Ferenc Tóth
Members of the board                             Antal Kékes
                                                            Zoltán Schäffer

A delegation of the Union Corps San Lazare International was also present for this event, together with a number of guests and personalities who specialise in disaster relief and urban security. The CSLI delegation was led by Union commander and president Wolfgang Steinhardt, federal commander CSLA Wolfgang Leithner, treasurer CSLA Josef M. Gebel, and vice secretary-general LU Christoph Ptak. Also attending was the Federal Secretary General of the LAZARUS HILFE ÖSTERREICH, Mr. Ernst Stejskal and Division leader Mr. Mario Kreiner. 
The event served for an exchange of ideas from the delegates especially since the Grand Priory of Hungary had just been consecrated. Everybody who has experienced at least once the tight corset exerted by minutes and agenda in an organisation knows that more can often be reached and done during the informal gatherings before and after a meeting than the during the official meeting itself.

The conference started formally with a marching in of the colours accompanied by the sounds of the Pappenheim March by Michael Haydn. Afterwards, the Grand Prior, Chev. Bela Danielisz presented his ambitious ideas concerning the future tasks of the Grand Priory and CSLH. His commitment and his zeal together with all that he has managed to do in the Lazarus world in such a short time deserves approval and praise. Impressive was a talk by Mrs. Jósefné Krén, head mistress of József Attila elementary school in Budapest. In a “school experiment“, problem children, besides getting normal teaching, are familiarised with chivalric values during project working groups.

A special Hungarian problem seems to be the demand for security in the population so the International Auxiliary Police Association (IAPA) and its Hungarian branch were presented at the conference by its Vice President, Chev. Zoltán Hossó.  A presentation of the Hungarian fire brigade and a comparison to other European fire brigades showed that much can be done on this field as well.

The newly elected CSLH president Béla Danielisz received the CSLI Grand Commander‘s Cross from the CSLI Union president Wolfgang Steinhardt. This distinction should be seen as a thank you for the past work and a stimulus to continue successfully in the future.

After the official end of the conference the comrades from the Slovak and the Hungarian fire brigades, who also signed a cooperation and friendship agreement, gave an impressive vehicle and performance exhibition on the hotel‘s parking lot, including the presentation of a specialised air cushion vehicle.
A truly memorable event and congratulations must go to the very energetic team of Lazarites within the Grand Priory of Hungary.


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