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Grand Priory of Brazil launches the Academy of Chivalric Studies (April 2012)

After the approval from the Supreme Grand Priory of their humanitarian and internal regulations and the formalization of its creation during the First International Lazarite Symposium in Malta, on the last day of April 30th, the Grand Priory of Brazil organized the swearing in of the first scholars, as well as the Academic Council, of the Saint Lazarus Academy of Chivalric Studies The Academic Council is de facto the administrator of this newly established educational establishment which will endeavor to project and teach this interesting subject to an ever increasing amount of Brazilian nationals who are intrigued and academically challenged to further their studies in the field in question.

The Academic Council consists of the following members:

Confrere Adilio Jorge Marques, OLJ
Confrere Marcio Pereira do Couto, OLJ, OMLJ
Chevalier Roberto Ortiz, KLJ, CMLJ

The Academic Council invites all the members of the Grand Priory of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus in Brazil who wish to apply for the position of scholars to submit a covering letter and a work of at least 4 pages in A4 typed format on the orders of knighthood or on humanitarian and Hospitaller work.

The Academic Council will decide on the validity of the work and on the candidate's acceptance.

The Charter and the study should be sent to the email




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