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Grand Priory of Brazil Sweater Campaign for the Needy (June 2012)

As winter time approaches in Brazil, the Grand Priory of Brazil has initiated an extensive Sweater Campaign in the two main Brazilian regions in which the Grand Priory operates and which are strictly earmarked for the needy with which the Grand Priory works hard for all year round. Winter weather brings with it an increased concern for the needy population. Within the charitable spirit that guides our actions and our lives, the Grand Priory of Brazil is encouraging its patrons, members and friends to look in their drawers and their wardrobes for pieces that are not used anymore and offer them in donation.

With this small gesture of solidarity one will warm up the life of a human being and at the same time reduce the plight of winter.

This is not the first such initiative by the Grand Priory of Brazil and all were well received in the past. Donations can be made directly to the Grand Priory or with our partners in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Sao Paulo:
Church of San Gennaro
Rua da Mooca 950-Mooca

Rio de Janeiro:
The Church of Santana and Sra. Girl
Rua do Couto, 54-Penha




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