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Grand Priory of Brazil: Fund Raising Report (December 2010)

 Friday, the 5th of February  2010, the Lazarite team of Brazil organized a Fund Raising Dinner in São Paulo with the participation of 87 people, under the supervision and coordination of two experienced Cooking Chefs, the entire dinner was prepared by the teenagers and young people of our social projects of insertion and education in gastronomy.

Most of the ingredients and all the wines served had been offered by our partners in the project and, in such a way that our team in Brazil managed to obtain a total amount of R$ 4.785,00 for the projects in poor communities, and thus make it possible to increase their activities and to offer greater chances to these needy people, that would not have other similar, decent opportunities in their lives.
In accordance with the humanitarian bases and objectives of the Supreme Grand Priory of the Order, last January 30th our Brazilian Lazarites organized, in partnership with the Brazilian Pro Blood Association, a Blood Donation Day. All the members of the Brazilian Lazarite team distributed the flyers of the campaign more than one month before, and e-mails and messages from time to time, remembering their obligation, and motivating them to gather their family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances to donate blood on this special day.

Even for the board and volunteers of the NGO Pro Blood, the participation of our members and their creativity to make people participate was considered as simply amazing. One of our members offered to set up a collect stand in his company, and lots of his employees decided to participate. Another member received the volunteers in his Air Force Base and subsequently had lots of military personal donating blood. A special bus was prepared to collect blood donations in different parts of the town of Bauru (countryside of São Paulo). Special places in hospitals and health centers were organized by the Brazilian Pro Blood Association and our members participated with their entire families.

This campaign managed to achieve an impressive amount of 569 people donating blood (almost 20 people brought in average per member), an impressive number even for the coordinators of the NGO. Congratulations to our Lazarite team in Brazil.


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