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Grand Priory of Austria publishes Lazarus book in German (August 2012)


Lazarus 2012 - Ein Kompendium by Oliver M. Gruber-Lavin - German Language.

Published by Norderstedt BoD - 2012

The Grand Prior of the Grand Priory of Austria has published a new book in the German Language which gives an up to date rendition of the Order of Saint Lazarus and the works of the United Grand Priories worldwide. It is indeed a must for all German speaking members of the Order since it forms part of the global strategy of the Order to have as many publications as possible related to the Order in various languages.

The paperback can be bought directly from the Grand Priory of Austria by means of an email request sent to

Alternatively, it can be purchased on as an ebook. The Kindle edition has proved to be much sought after and we recommend all German speaking members to have a copy of this book for their perusal.


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