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Grand Priory of Argentina: Assisting our Brethren in Chile (April 2010)

The people of Chile in February this year suffered a natural calamity which has destroyed the precious possessions of thousands of families. An earthquake registering 8.8 on the Richter scale, the biggest catastrophe since 1960, was unleashed in the country, with families searching for their loved ones, their possessions and indeed their homes.

Our Lazarite brethren in Argentina immediately realized that they could give a helping hand. They formed two groups, one responsible for the procurement of clothing and blankets for the stricken communities and one responsible for the procurement of wood in standard format so as to aid in the needed reconstruction of housing and shelter for those afflicted.

In less than a month, 56 commercial bags full of clothing and blankets were collected plus an extra bag full of school supplies. Additionally, more than two tons of wood (pine) was collected by means of corporate donations.

Our Argentinian Lazarites then had to organize the logistics of getting the much needed materials to the communities which desperately needed them at the shortest time possible. With the aid of corporate sponsors in the trucking industry, this feat was done in a mere 22 days since the solidarity campaign was started.

On behalf of the Supreme Grand Priory, we would like to express our heartfelt congratulations to our Lazarite team in Argentina. Well done, boys!


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