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Ecuador Hospitaller Operations by the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope (October 2011)

SMOKH's grand opening of the LOMA LINDA FACILITY on October 13th 2011 in Ecuador was indeed yet another milestone in the superlative Hospitaller work being daily enacted worldwide by this chivalric organization which in 2012 joined the United Grand Priories of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem.

The official opening of this new medical and Hospitaller premises was christened by the Spiritual Protector of the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope, H.E. Monsenor Basilius of the Ordem de Sao Tiago Apostolo of Brasil.

A 3 day seminar followed the official opening which was attended by medical doctors and students of the Instituto Misael Acosta Solis, members of the COLEGIO DE MEDICOS NATUROPATAS Y ALTERNATIVOS DEL ECUADOR, the Escuela Superior Politecnica del Chimborazo ESPOCH [School of Medicine], and the Cooperativa de Naturopatia PODER DE VIDA.

This official opening was very highly regarded by the authorities in Equador and made national news, with the Hon. Victor Abad, protector of SMOKH Ecuadorian property, being interviewed extensively on the benefits of such a Hospitaller and medical operation for the population of Equador.

The event also included a field trip to the Tsachila de Los Colorados village, where participants learned of their customs and uses of herbs. A firm bond and affiliation was established.



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