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Commandery of California donates 2 scholarships worth USD 5,000 (May 2012)

On Sunday May 20th, a delegation from the Commandery of California of the US Grand Priory of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem attended an event organized by Fashion Group International. The delegation was led by the Secretary General of the US Grand Priory, Dame Karen Cantrell and also included Confrere Joseph Luna. During the event two scholarships of USD 2500 each were presented to two female students pursuing a career in the fashion industry. Both students maintained a 4.0 grade point ratio for four years throughout their study period but also, and more importantly for the Grand Priory of the US, performed extensive and wonderful community service after school hours. It was the latter situation which was deemed deserving by the California Commandery to underwrite their scholarships and thus to serve as a means to increase voluntary community work in various niche industries.

The event was a huge success and the Order was more than happy by the positive feedback this activity generated, naturally apart from the immense pleasure of aiding and assisting these hard-working young ladies in their chosen careers.





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