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Canary Islands UCLI organise first Boat Day for Marine Corps (September 2012)


On the first of September 2012, the comradeship of Archduke Ferdinand Max of the ancient Austrian Hungarian Navy met together in El Sauzal (Tenerife) at the terraces of our new comrades Dunka Rustova and Hartmut Rust with the purpose of handing out their new decrees.

After introducing the new flag of the Navy Corps of the CSLI, the commander Hans König gave his warmest and most hearty regards to the new members and presented them to the audience and guests. In the wonderful surrounding of the Rust family’s chalet, the comradeship felt during this event continued to project the main raison d'etre of the Lazarite team worldwide.

The buffet was delicious together with the marvelous view of the sea. The friendship of all the members had been deeply renewed.

During the absence of Cdr. Konig inTenerife, Hartmut Rust and Ferdinand Graf will negotiate the comradeship and will organize more meetings in future.über-Teneriffa-4801.jpg
The flag parade
Ferdinand Graf introduced the crew to the commanderönig-übernimmt-das-Kommando-4801.jpg
Hans Konig takes the commandübernimmt-das-Dekret-4801.jpg
Dunka Rustova receives her decreeübernimmt-sein-Dekret-480.jpg
Hartmut Rust gets his decree
The speech of the commanderÖsterreicher-eine-Sächsin-und-ein-Bayer-4802.jpg
Austrians, a woman from Sachsen and a Bavarianäsentieren-ihre-Landesflaggen-4802.jpg
Peggy und Anita are presenting their country flags
Everybody in front of the own flag
The buffet is openäste-und-Mitglieder-der-KM-EFM-bei-der-Party-480.jpg

Guests and members of the MK-EFM thogether at the following party



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