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CSLI - Germany: A donation to the Marktzeuln Nursery (October 2012)

On Friday (26. Oct. 2012), the Founding Board Members of the Corps Saint Lazare International Command Germany, Sven Dietel, Hermann-Dietrich Streit and Katja Dietel, presented a donation of apple juice to the Nursery in Marktzeuln.

Over 600 kg of apples were collected in local orchards. These were then pressed and processed into high-quality, local juice. The Nursery in Marktzeuln happily now has over 300 liters of juice for the children to drink over the coming months.

The commander of CSLI Germany, Sven Dietel, spoke about the good work of the Nursery in Marktzeuln saying how pleased he was that their relief organization could extend a helping hand to the Nursery.

He also briefly introduced CSLI Germany as an independent, private aid organization based on the ideals and spirit of Saint Lazarus. The members share the objective of giving pleasure to others through disaster relief, serving people with disabilities and helping the homeless. All members are volunteers.

He noted that the CSLI, which was founded in Austria, is now well-established in Germany, with a large number of supporters. Concluding his speech, Dietel thanked his trusty companions Hermann-Dietrich Streit and his wife Christel who were always there when needed.


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