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Union Corps San Lazare International signs partnership agreement with the Radetsky Order (December 2012)

The Order of Radetzky celebrated its annual day on December 8th, the day of the feast of the Immaculate Conception.

A delegation of the Lazarus Union participated in the celebrations: Wolfgang Steinhardt, Erich Kadlec, Helmuth Neidhart, Christoph Ptak, Josef Maria Gebel, Algis Klimaitis, Dr. Oswin Hochstöger, Dipl.-Ing. Herbert Paulis and wife, Werner Winkelhofer and son, Hannes Hochmuth, Gregor Holubek, Peter Jung, and Raphael Kitavujja.

This year the High Mass was celebrated in the Prandtauer Church in St. Pölten. Here the Order of Radetzky has found a new spiritual home.

The ceremonial High Mass was celebrated by the spiritual head of the order, Rector Professor DDr. Reinhard Knittel. It was a real experience to participate once again in a mass celebrated in the Tridentine Rites from 1962. Also the chorus was most impressive, performing works from J. E. Eberlin (1702 - 1762) and Messa di S. Giuseppe. The new organ was performing in perfect harmony.

Subsequent to the High Mass a secular ceremony took place. After successful cooperation for some years already the Order of Radetzky and the Lazarus Union exchanged partnership certificates, advocating a continuation of the present good and close cooperation.

The  Grand Master of the Order of Radetzky KR Harry Tomek (also a member of our Knighthood of Honour within the United Grand Priories) presented the document to our President, Senator Wolfgang Steinhardt. After that some members of the order were decorated with honours.


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