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Union CSLI cements closer collaboration with Vienna Mayor Dr. Michael Haupl (Sep 2013)

On 09/17/2013, to extend their congratulations to the Mayor of Vienna on his birthday, the Band of the Lazarus Union with the Vienna State Concert Band played in the arcade of the Vienna City Hall. Under the direction of State Director of Music Herbert Klinger, and Honorary Conductor Colonel (Retd.) Prof. Hans Schadenbauer M.A., the bands played a birthday serenade for the Mayor, which included the "Dr. Michael Haupl March".äupl-02.jpgäupl-03.jpgäupl-04.jpgäupl-11.jpg

The Lazarus Union was represented by the President, Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt, the Deputy Secretary, Christopher Ptak, the music leader of the Lazarus Union, Director of Music Friedrich Lentner, and 12 musicians with three officers and a standard-bearer, all in all a strong presence among the Vienna State Concert Band. Thank you comrades!äupl-05.jpgäupl-09.jpgäupl-12.jpg

Afterwards, Mayor Haupl invited all participants to wine and dine and spent an (unusually) long time with his guests. For the Lazarus Union and its Music Corps, this was another good opportunity to make new contacts and new friends and further underlines the synergy between this organisation within the United Grand Priories and the highest authorities of Vienna.


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