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Union CSLI President Honoured by the State of Austria (June 2014)

The president of the Republic of Austria, Dr.Heinz Fischer, awarded the "Decoration of Honour in Silver for Services to the Republic of Austria" to the president of the LAZARUS UNION Senator h.c. Wolfgang Steinhardt.

On 10. June 2014, the first president of the Viennese country government, Prof. Harry Kopietz , presented this high award to Wolfgang Steinhardt who was accompanied by his wife and some LAZARUS UNION comrades.

In his laudation Prof. Kopietz appreciated the laying of the groundwork and world-wide recognition of the LAZARUS UNION in being awarded consultative status at the United Nations ECOSOC. He especially underlined the fact that the world-wide LAZARUS UNION has its headquarters in Austria and as such provides a valuable addition to the international reputation of Austria.

Over a glass of sparkling wine Prof. Kopietz was informed of the Lazarite Air Days and further LAZARUS UNION projects as well as the 3rd International Hospitaller Symposium 2015 in Vienna. An official welcome of the guests by the City of Vienna on this historic event was contemplated.


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