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Union CSLI: Benediction and new Consecration of St. Vitus Chapel, Austria (Mar 2014)

Military Dean and Union - CSLI activist Dr.Alexander M.Wessely

For some months now we have tried to find a fitting occasion to thank and to honour Militarsuperior Alexander Wessely for his long lasting generous support to the LAZARUS UNION and also for his many actions as a military chaplain for the soldiers of the Burgenland and periodically also of Lower Austria.

The consecration of the Chapel of St. Vitus which was renovated last year finally seemed to be the perfect occasion.

About 160 guests, among them the Parson from Parndorf, politicians of the surrounding villages and numerous flag detachments from traditional unions, met for the ceremony and were greeted by the commander of the military training ground Bruck-Neudorf.

In the course of a Holy Mass with music from a tamburica band and a brass ensemble from the Military Command Burgenland, the Capel of St. Vitus was ceremonially consecrated by military chaplain Dr. Wessely. During his sermon Wessely compared the renovation of the chapel which was totally derelict to Jesus Christ and Francis of Assisi, who both built new upon old.

At the end of the service, President and Union Commander Wolfgang Steinhardt introduced the LAZARUS UNION with a few words and pointed to the parallel that also the LAZARUS UNION was founded in 2009 by only two campaigners (A quote by Pop John XXII: "Sisters and brothers, you should never cease to begin and never begin to cease!"), dared a restart, and today is part of the international confraternity of Lazarites who are about 16,000 members worldwide.

The Grand Cross of the Cross of Honour is the highest award the LAZARUS UNION can give and with Dr. Wessely it is only for the second time that this honour is awarded to a person. In an emotional laudation Steinhardt pointed out the grand merits of Dr. Wessely and his long relation to the LAZARUS UNION.


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