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Uganda - Pennies for Posho and other Assistance (October 2015)


The Order of Saint Lazarus, by means of its representative Confrere Ralph Jarrels, will be working closely with Pennies for Posho, a nonprofit ministry that operates 8 orphanages, 2 schools and is now dedicating a new hospital in Central Uganda. This is the first such trip and the first major synergy with this organization. The delegation will be in Uganda for 13 days visiting the orphanages and schools and videoing the dedication of the hospital. A financial presentation to cover purchase of needed equipment for the surgical suite will also be executed there. This plaque will become a permanent reminder of the important contribution made by the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem.

Additionally, Confrere Ralph Jarrels will be honored to carry the relative accolade and insignia and the official brevets conferring a Companionate of Merit on Dr. Ted Moody, Founder and Managing Director of Pennies for Posho, for his untiring work on behalf of orphans in Uganda. 2016 will represent the 10th year for Pennies for Posho to sponsor a Ugandan children's choir (Ugandan Thunder) on a 9 month performing schedule raising money for the orphanages, schools and now the hospital in Uganda.

Dr. Ted Moody, Founder of Pennies for Posho, will be receiving the Companionate of Merit at a special dinner at the Source of the Nile Hotel in Jinga, Uganda. Elaine, his wife, said it was the first time he was speechless in 44 years. Such a Humble man who is responsible for providing more than 15 million meals to orphans in Uganda in the past 10 years. Those meals are responsible for saving the lives of thousands of children.

Additionally, Humanity Healing International leaders Chevalier Christopher Buck and Dame Liane Buck are also sending a shipment containing 175 of their "Pads for Girls" which is also operated in Uganda by HOSLJ members.




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