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USA - Continuing our Assistance to the Emily Shane Foundation (May 2016)

The United States Grand Priory Chancellor Christopher Chambers, Secretary General Dame Karen Cantrell Eckert and Receiver General Chevalier Peter Eckert were honored to attend and present to our active members Ellen Shane and Michel Shane the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award at THE WINGS OVER MALIBU event benefiting the Emily Shane Foundation and the SEA Program. The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, signed by President Barak Obama, is given to worthy citizens for services rendered to the community. The US Grand Priory was honored to recommend our Shane members for their incessant work through various philanthropic initiatives. Michel Shane is an accomplished Hollywood producer and features the below as part of his screen involvement:

A Christmas Story at the Vatican (1991) (producer)
Rennie's Landing (2001) (producer)
Catch Me If You Can (2002) (executive producer)
Northfork (2003) (executive producer)
I, Robot (2004) (executive producer)
Statistics (2006) (executive producer)
Badland (2007) (executive producer)
Buff Enough (2009) (producer and executive producer)
Blood: A Butcher's Tale (2009) (executive producer)
Not Another Not Another Movie (2011) (executive producer)
Vivaldi (2016) (producer)
Quantum Village (2017) (producer)

Return to the Titanic Live (1988) (producer)
Dracula Live From Transylvania (1989) (producer)
Dr. 90210 (2007) (actor)
Bait Car ( 2007-2011) ( Executive Producer)

Congratulations to them both for their continued service and lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer service.



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