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The Investiture of the Grand Priory of Brazil (March 2016)

The solemn investiture ceremony for the Grand Priory of Brazil was sanctioned by the Supreme Grand Priory and was duly carried out with the hawk-eye overseeing of the Brazilian Grand Prior, the Chevalier Roberto Ortiz KLJ.

It was held at the Church of Our Lady of Achiropita in Sao Paolo on the 5th of March 2016.

The congregation filled the church and the officers of the Grand Priory conducted a beautiful ceremony, honouring the volunteers of Saint Lazarus in their constant Hospitaller and philanthropic work. After the blessing of the insignia, seven postulants joined the Order with the rank of Officer of the Order, whilst a number of members were given promotions and awards of merit.

By a specific decision issued on the day of St. Lazarus (17 December 2015), the Grand Priory of Brazil decreed to recognise as 'patrons' a number of extraordinary individuals and to give due recognition and commendations in the investiture.

The first patrons of the Grand Priory of Brazil are:
- Daniel Guedes
- Irmao Daniel Liebscher
- Edmilson Ventura
- Flavio Jose Borotti
- Marcos Vinicius Hespanhol Silva
- Roberto Ortiz
- Silvio Luiz da Rocha



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