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The Grand Priory of Germany Investiture: April 2019

During the April 2019 investiture which was hosted by the Grand Priories of Malta and Gozo, as has been the custom, a strong deputation from the Grand Priory of Germany travelled to Malta and concurrently held their own investiture and promotion awards for their active members and officers.

The German deputation was led by the Grand Prior of Germany, the Chevalier Peter Neuen. During this investiture service, the Supreme Grand Priory bestowed upon Chev. Neuen the rank and office of Grand Marshal of the Supreme Grand Priory for his consistent and zealous leadership of the Order in this jurisdiction and for being instrumental for the Order to consecrate the Grand Priory of Switzerland during 2018.

The Grand Priory of Germany will also be holding its own investiture service in Mannheim later this year and, for the first time ever, its hosting Grand Prior will also be a Grand Officer of the Supreme Grand Priory.

Very well deserved. Congratulations.




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