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Tanzania - Banning Witch Doctors using Albino Body Parts (January 2015)


Tanzania has finally banned witchdoctors in a move intended to stop attacks on people with Albinism. Our Peter Ash, a deserving Officer of the Companionate of Merit of the Order, has worked diligently to get this important breakthrough accomplished.

Home Affairs Minister Mathias Chikawe said there would be a nationwide operation to "arrest them and take them to court" if they continued to work.

Albino people, who lack pigment in their skin, have faced attacks for their body parts, which witchdoctors believe bring good luck and wealth. The Tanzanian Albinism Society (TAS) has welcomed the ban.

"If we and the government come together and show strength as one and speak as one, we can deal with the problem head-on," the society's chairman, Ernest Njamakimaya, said. "I believe this way we can get rid of these incidents once and for all."

There are, however, other countries in Africa which have still not yet banned this barbaric act and the Order of Saint Lazarus has been very active in this field as well. In fact, throughout 2014, Humanity Healing International, which is a fully fledged member of the Order, managed to save the lives of at nearly a dozen Albino children by means of its constant monitoring of such barbaric events. Whilst congratulating our active brothers and sisters in this field, the Order pledges its diplomatic efforts in order to ensure that all African countries clamp down on this horrific and barbaric act.



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