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Puttinu Cares Foundation, led by our Confrere Dr. Victor Calvagna CMLJ, raises a record Euros 1.6 million for Sutton accommodation to Cancer Victims and their Families (May 2015)


A record sum of just over 1.6 million Euros was raised for Puttinu Cares in a 60-hour football marathon which ended last night.

800 football teams took part in the marathon, held in warm temperatures. A large number of entertainers volunteered their time on the stage, providing round the clock entertainment.

Puttinu is improving the assistance it gives Maltese cancer patients undergoing treatment in London by buying another apartment in Sutton. The Foundation is led by Confrere Dr. Victor Calvagna CMLJ, who is a a respected medical doctor and philanthropist, and was accorded the accolade of Commander of Merit within the Companionate of Merit of the Order during the first international Lazarite Symposium which was held at the Sacra Infermeria of the Knights of Malta in 2012.

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