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Serbia - Serbian Grand Priory Outlines Operational Plan for 2015 - 2018 (July 2015)


The Officers of the Grand Priory of Serbia organised a half day operational meeting so as to approve their ambitious operational plan for the period 2015-2018. The meeting was chaired by the Grand Prior of Serbia, Professor Dragan Milic KLJ. The Serbian confreres also hosted the Grand Chancellor of the Order, Dr. Massimo Ellul, the latter being present in order to ensure constant logistical support by the Supreme Grand Priory for the ambitious projects and initiatives that the Serbian Grand Priory has in store.

The Serbian Grand Priory is busily finalising its registration as a non-governmental foundation as per the law of the land. Preparatory meetings between Saint Lazarus and the Nis municipality and the leaders of the Orthodox church are also underway in order to ensure the necessary synergy between all the entities involved. The Grand Priory of Serbia has also petitioned the Supreme Grand Priory to hold the International Lazarite Symposium for the year of 2018 in its territory, a petition which is being looked favorably by the Supreme Grand Priory due to the increase of registered members of the Order in Eastern Europe.

By mid-September 2015, the Grand Priory of Serbia will be communicating its national and international projects which, we are assured, will include Hospitaller initiatives and an international project which will be highly interesting to all our 71 jurisdictions worldwide. The next investiture of the Grand Priory of Serbia has also been set for May of 2016. The Supreme Grand Priory congratulates the Serbian team of officers for their zeal and Hospitaller initiatives even though their Grand Priory has just been consecrated. A big well done to all.



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