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Saint Lazarus Foundation Instrumental in ensuring Government Policy for Supported Employment (June 2015)


The Saint Lazarus Foundation occupies the chair of Vice President of the Malta Association for Supported Employment. MASE is a national association bringing together government agencies and NGOs working together for the betterment of the vulnerable in society. On the 3rd of June 2015, together with the Honorable Minister for the Family and Social Solidarity, Dr. Michael Farrugia MP, the Chairman of the Saint Lazarus Foundation looked on at the signing of the contract which initializes the first professional supported employment project in Malta for the vulnerable in society. What the Saint Lazarus Foundation has been voluntarily working on in these last three years is now official government policy for the betterment of society's vulnerable. A great day for all our team and a great way of acknowledging the hundreds of man hours given voluntarily by our members for this just cause.


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