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Malta Saint Lazarus Foundation Congratulates Special Olympics Representative (Sep 2014)

The Saint Lazarus Foundation is a national, registered, voluntary organization that works closely with physically and mentally challenged patients of all ages in Malta and Gozo. It is part of an international Lazarite network operating in 71 different countries under the auspices of the United Nations, due to the international organization being duly registered as a voluntary NGO within the UNO.

In Malta, the Saint Lazarus Foundation, by means of its professional team of volunteers, embarked on a project two years ago named 'Believe in Me'. By means of this project, within its premises in Zebbug and Hamrun, more than eighty persons with disability are undergoing constant training and skills programs in order to ensure that the persons in question are given all the possibilities of total integration within the community, including social, economic and job integration.

The training and skills programs are given free of charge by experts in various fields, including life skills, literacy and numeracy skills, first aid and sanitary courses, self esteem enhancement programs, cookery skills, monetary programs and others. The Foundation also provides various professional programs related to job skills which include office work, crafts and woodwork, manual productive skills and customer interaction programs. During the course of the last twelve months, 28% of the clients of the Believe in Me Project were able to successfully integrate themselves into the local workforce, by means of the Foundation's initiatives.

The Foundation also encourages sports and cultural integration and is proud to have within its group of clients one of Malta's representatives in the Belgian Summer Games Special Olympics. 17 year old Warren Schembri, from Marsascala, represented Malta in table tennis and won silver in the doubles and another silver in the singles category. Only one point separated Warren's position from the first place clinched by Latvia.

The Saint Lazarus Foundation congratulates Warren Schembri and all the other Malta representatives of the Special Olympics and urges other similar youths and sports enthusiasts to consider participating in such prestigious, international competitions.



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