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Saint Lazarus Activist Chaker Khazaal interviewed on CNN (May 2015)


Officer of Merit Chaker Khazaal of the Order of Saint Lazarus was interviewed by CNN today. His interview was then transmitted and repeated in various channels around the US. Confrere Khazaal is a renowned philanthropist and author and has travelled extensively throughout the Middle East to raise awareness on the plight of refugees in the region. Ayman Mohyeldin interviewed Khazaal about the world refugee problem and asked poignant questions related to his personal experience as a refugee and the lack of financial support that refugee programs have. Khazaal dwelt on the fact that in 2014 alone, 59.5 million people were forcibly displaced around the world.

Whilst international organisations such as ours try their level best to aid and assist the suffering of the refugees, more drastic actions need to be undertaken in order to redress this very negative situation where honest and innocent families undergo such a traumatic and life-threatening experience.

We are so proud of him and the work he does worldwide and confirm the Order's backing to his initiatives related to refugee relief programs.



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