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Rio de Janeiro Commandery Continues Work in Favelas (August 2013)

In yet another successful Hospitaller action of the Grand Priory of Brazil, specifically the Commandery Agnus Dei of Rio de Janeiro, the latter, in partnership with the OSTI-CIRCES, finished the initiative referred to as "Campanha do Agasalho" which collected 10 huge bags of clothes that were donated to the CELPI. These donations of clothes were also accompanied by a facsimile machine, an electric typewriter and a drinking fountain.

The CELPI (Sewing and Administered Pro-childhood) is a social work operation with more than 80 years of experience in the Favela Santa Marta in Botafogo, organized initially in the Jacobean College. Currently, in addition to sewing for infants, CELPI also acts pr-actively in the distribution of basic baskets for 50 registered families, and maintains the solidarity and the fighting spirit to still embrace the challenge of bringing children and adolescents out of their social misery by means of offering educational opportunities for those in need. These are varied and include after-school classes and Informatics, arts, dance, theatre, legal and psychological care and many other services.

Congratulations to the members of Comendadoria Agnus Dei of Rio de Janeiro and also our partners of OSTI-CIRCES.



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