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Rio de Janeiro - Action against Hypertension (July 2015)

Roberto Ortiz's photo.

Roberto Ortiz's photo.

The Grand Priory of Brazil of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, by means of the Agnus Dei Commandery of Rio de Janeiro, organized a preventive action in the fight against accelerated hypertension in the young, promoted by a multidisciplinary team composed of doctors, nurses and other professionals of the area of health, and coordinated by an officer of the said Grand Priory.

This initiative was undertaken on the 26th of July 26 and was labelled as "Friends of the Chest: Our heart is not immortal, take care!" This initiative offered services of primary attention to the identification of hypertension blood on the population, with consultation related to measurement of blood pressure, of body mass index, obesity, guidance for health professionals, doctors, nurses and technicians nursing.

On the court of the scholars of Rocinha, on this day, more than 120 patients who have been through physical examinations and received treatment. They also received guidelines for health, and as the case necessitated, the scheduling of consultation in the basic network of the country's health services.

This action, which once again proves the Brazilian Grand Priory's serious commitment to society, is a great example of the dedication of our members, and congratulations are in order to our Rio members involved in this project.


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