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New Jersey - Back to School Initiative with Humanize Black (August 2015)

Dea Viola's photo.Dea Viola's photo.
Dea Viola's photo.Dea Viola's photo.

New Jersey Commander Consoeur Dea Viola was leading her members and a host of young adults, mostly children of the Order's members and their friends, in order to aid and assist the call for assistance recieved by Humanize Black NGO in the latter's bid to donate and give back to the community.

A very respectable number of school items, including satchels, backpacks, stationery, writing material, copy books and books and many other items were all donated so as to ensure that each and every child starts with dignity his/her school semester with all the items needed, even if they come from vulnerable backgrounds which limit their family's financial capabilities in this field.

The response was outstanding and on behalf of the New Jersey Commandery, thank you, Chris McCormick for creating such a wonderful platform of support to others and for sharing your powerful mission with so many.


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