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Malta: More Vulnerable Persons being enrolled with the Supported Employment Program (July 2015)


The Malta Association for Supported Employment, of which the Saint Lazarus Foundation is an active member of, launched the first national supported employment program for vulnerable people in Malta and Gozo after the signing of the related memorandum and program contract with the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity. The launch of the national supported employment program was effected in the first week of June 2015.

The program is specifically aimed at introducing supported employment on a local basis to those persons seeking employment and who are deemed as vulnerable within society whilst being professionally assessed by MASE occupational therapists, as per international standards recognised by the European Association for Supported Employment.

Whilst the 2015 program specifically limits the number of vulnerable beneficiaries to 200, MASE is proud to announce that barely six weeks after the local introduction of the supported employment program, beneficiary capacity has surpassed the 64% mark and the 200 beneficiaries mark will be surpassed by the end of August. Furthermore, in the first six weeks of operation, the success rate concerning beneficiaries being registered in full time or part time jobs and supervised placements has surpassed the 25% mark.

MASE Vice President and the Liaison Officer between the Association and the Ministry for Social Solidarity, Massimo Ellul, confirmed that the Association is presently imparting skill building exercises or assessing the residents of 12 homes or residences run by government agencies or non-governmental organisations. More residences and institutions will be approached during the month of August and September. Dr. Ellul is also the Chairman of the Saint Lazarus Foundation.

The Malta Association for Supported Employment is composed of government entities dealing with the vulnerable and all the specialised NGOs who work in this sector.

The Supported Employment program is geared for clients which include rehabilitated drug or alcohol addicts, victims of domestic violence, physically and mentally disabled, ex-prison inmates, those on the poverty line and homeless and other vulnerable people. Those interested to join the project should email the Project Leader on or phone the Zebbug administrative centre on 27036602. The MASE administrative centre is based in the Saint Lazarus Foundation Zebbug headquarters.


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