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Lazarite Facebook Presence Reaches Record High (December 2014)


The United Grand Priories, by means of its various jurisdictions, Grand Priories and Foundations worldwide, has recorded a record high when monitoring presences worldwide on the various social networks especially the Facebook social network. Grand Priories from the US, Sicily, Hungary, Spain, Malta, Gozo, Austria, Brazil, Germany and other jurisdictions are all physically present on Facebook, whilst the FB page coordinated from the Supreme Grand Priory recorded a record 12,000 membership mark on the 14th of December 2014.

The presence of various member chivalric organisations on Facebook, including Humanity Healing International, the Union-Corps San Lazare International, the Special Rescue Group of the Saint Lazarus Corps and the Sacred Medical Order of the Knights of Hope also saw an increase in followings and 'like' on the social media networks.

It is also essential to point out that the Humanity Healing International Facebook page has, during 2014, hit and exceeded the staggering amount of 1,700,000 Facebook likes, indeed a record amount for our affiliated organisations.

This brings the total exposure of committed social network users following all the information and briefs projected on the various walls of the Order's Facebook pages now surpass the astonishing amount of 2.2 million followers worldwide!

The Facebook page added this photo after reaching 2 million likes from ...



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