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Investiture of the Grand Priory of Brazil

March 3, 2012

Investiture of the Grand Priory, Sao Paulo

On this day were invested in the ranks of our order of knighthood, receiving the Green Cross according to their grades and the Mantles, the following postulants:

Confrere Claudiomiro Bispo Sub-ChLJ

Confrere Daniel Emiliano Guedes - OLJ

Confrere Walmir Dutra de Morais - OLJ

Confrere Adilio Jorge Marques - OLJ

Confrere Marcos Cesar Moraes da Silva - OLJ

Confrere Fabricio Souza Santos - OLJ

Confrere Neil Shaw - OLJ

Confrere Leandro Ribeiro - OLJ

Confrere Everton Silva de Almeida - OLJ

In recognition of their dedication and work to order, were promoted in the ranks of the order:

Consoeur Adaljiza Marta Machado Cuan - OLJ

Confrere Marcos Ferasso - OLJ

In addition, the Grand Priory of Brazil and the Supreme Grand Priory of the Order have recognized the merits of the worthy members and awarded them in the Companionate of Merit:

Consoeur Daniella Ortiz - OMLJ

Confrere Ivair Antonio Cantelli de Oliveira - OMLJ

Confrere Andre Luiz de Souza Dias - OMLJ

Confrere Marcio Pereira do Couto - OMLJ

Chevalier Roberto Ortiz - CMLJ

Let me remind those of you who are about to become members of this Hospitaller Order that the Cross which you will receive is, to Christians, the sign of Man's Redemption; its four arms symbolize the cardinal virtues: Prudence, Temperance, Justice and Fortitude; its points represent the eight beatitudes, which spring from the practice of those virtues, namely: Humility; Sorrow for Sin; Meekness; Thirst for Righteousness; Mercy; Purity; Peace; Suffering under Persecution; whilst its greenness will ever remind you of the humanitarian care required of Christ's soldiers and servants

The CSLI (Corps Saint Lazare International) acknowledged the merits of Confrere Luiz Henrique de Sousa - OLJ (and Captain CSLI), awarding him with the CSLI Cross of Honour in Bronze.

The Bearers of the Banners and their Commander, Confrere Demetrio Mateus Moreira - OLJ (First Lieutenant CSLI) officially received, as a sign of gratitude, the insignia of the CSLI.

The partnerships with the following entities were officially announced and the Instruments of Cooperation and Partnership signed and exchanged:

Obras Assistenciais da Igreja de San Gennaro

Academia Boituvense de Letras e Artes

Academia de Ciencias Letras e Artes de Minas Gerais


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