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Humanity Healing International Joins the United Grand Priory

January 2014

By decree of the Supreme Grand Priory, we are pleased to announce that the officially registered 501C3 charitable organisation Humanity Healing International, which operates Hospitaller and philanthropic aid mainly in Africa and the Indian sub-continent, now forms part of the United Grand Priories of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem as an independent sister jurisdiction in its own right.

The Order has been working closely with Humanity Healing International for more than three years, and most of the senior officers of this organisation has, in these years, all joined the Order of Saint Lazarus on an individual basis.

Humanity Healing International (HHI) is a legal nonprofit organization operating under Section 501-C3 of the IRS Code in the USA. HHI promotes educational outreach, direct human assistance, and social advocacy. We also work to raise awareness, and ensure the fundamental empowerment of communities with little or no hope through compassionate actions.

Humanity Healing International has been fully operating since 2007, previously under various fiscal sponsorship organizations. Currently, HHI is standing alone as a cultured paradigm shift for nonprofit organizations.

More information can be gleaned from HHI's web page:

Who we are



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